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We recently asked if you were interested in a Building Competition, and many of you said you'd like to take part.

We'd like to offer you some time to plan, so we'll be announcing the prizes and end-date towards the end of next week.

So... start your plans and gather your troops now... If you'd like to take part you'll be building a...

Futuristic House!

This time bigger will be better, but remember that builds should be suitably protected and you should build with somebody you trust.

Good Luck!
Valkiyare Such a shame that my laptop is way too slow to take part in this. Nevermind, I have my kitten asleep in a blanket roll.
gmfk07 Wait, can we start?
dewy12 Mines almost done ...
1DopeGamer EPICLEGENDDang they finally found out legends had both Epic and Legend kits... well it was fun while it lasted
RageandHateMy custom url is broken apparently, but i've updated my Master Command list to include all 101 Einstein Triggers (thanks to Anika for helping me with this). I will comment the link, because it's not working right to add to the main post.
RageandHate   [link]
sonark AdminOh my...
Minecraft Worlds, 3D-Printed. They're Amazing.
Looking at these photos makes me want a 3D printer so bad. Printing figurines or other small items is one thing, but entire Minecraft worlds? Minecraft enthusiast Dave Russell used...
RageandHate   My family was going to get a 3D printer at one point, but then we didn't D:
GH05T137 EPIC  that must have taken along time and tons of money. a printer that big is industrial size and probably 50k or more.
RageandHateSo I had to move my setup to my room so the dinning room table didn't look horrible. Anyways, too much? Not enough? Trick question; there's never too much when it comes to computers.
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Fshlps   [link]
Douzeh   Thats..beautiful! If only you would have a stationary PC aswell instead of JUST a laptop :d (Especially if ur gonna use it to full-out gaming)
RageandHate   yea next step is to custom build a $2,500 desktop I have planned out
afosto EPIC  created a new thread Duncsweb Mascot?!? in the Random Stuff forum
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GH05T137 EPICWhat do you people think?
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Douzeh   Well it doesn't look bad, but neither perfect in my eyes. Myself i would add a wall, or something indicating holding up the ver upper part, so that you drag a 2-3 block wide wall or something from the very upper part to the main section/ground floor of the building.
420Mr_Pickles420   Hey Gho5t love it looks so modern my only issue is we need a bigger selection of doors. love it over all 10 out of 10!
GH05T137 EPIC  thank you
RageandHateAs some of you may know, I have been working on a master command list for this server, and while it is not complete it is finished enough to be of use. I will be adding to it as i go, but please enjoy.

Staff who would like editing access to this please contact me in anyway that's convienent for you.
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Epic kit removed from Legend Rank, you guys shouldn't have had that!
Lottery is now 10g, Max tickets now 20!
Server updated to be compatible with 1.7.8 clients (1.7.2+ can still connect)
Level 6 professions now available
Seeing as duels seem to be bugged, duelling is now off.
You do not have access to shout
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