Your thoughts on Vessel (and YouTubers moving to it)?


It looks like a bunch of YouTubers are jumping ship to vessel, a $3 a month service to access early video content.

Currently it's free for a year if you sign up by 26th March.

Personally, I have no plans to make videos in other places than YouTube as it's my roots and attracts the most eyeballs, although the massive focus on monetization of content has put me off a little bit.

What's your thoughts on this?
I heard about this on Twitter & signed up. Much like you I'll remain on Youtube as long as its around just due to my comfort on the platform. However more & more services like these are popping up & while I don't know if they'll ever overthrow the network I do find them interesting. I know lot of Youtubers who are upset with changes moving or creating their own platforms or extensions & I think if anything it only pushes it all forward for the better. Either improving Youtube & the community or offering better tools out there for creators.

While yes some of the top Youtubers are out there for money I think just as much are trying to create actual tools to help other creators big or small.

Vessel is interesting playing on the whole "exclusivity/early access" angle. Believe it's Hulu ex-ceo behind this project. I can see the support behind it especially for musicians/comedians who have hardcore fan bases & want the content before anyone else.

Only thing I wonder is how long it'll take before either Youtube or the MCN somehow turn this against the creators saying it violates TOS haha.


I personally think who ever jumps to vessel due to the changes in YouTube are hypocrites, especially since most of the YouTube changes are on vessel any way and will be vastly more strict after a year and once it's popularity explodes it'll suffer from the same problems as YouTube.

Only reason to jump ship from YouTube would be for more money for less views etc. Vessel is catered to the top dog so for new content creators there is just no point. Vessel will just be exactly what the YouTube subscription model was planning to be anyway. Hypocrites everywhere.


This is the first I've heard of "Vessel", but then I've been out of the You Tube game for about 8 months now, including using the site on a daily basis. I tend to get my entertainment from elsewhere nowadays.

You Tube has the monopoly market for online video. You would need a bloody huge exodus of users to move to another platform to make the newer platform even slightly future proof. The reason why people stick to You Tube is convenience. Everyone that everyone wants to watch is in one place on one platform.

In terms of another option to You Tube, an idea I've had is to launch a website that manages RSS feeds specifically for videos. RSS feeds are generally how we get our news from multiple sources so why not video as well? This way we can get video sources from all over the internet including other video hosting websites that are already popular (eg. Vimeo). This would mean content creators can choose where they post their content to, and the user base can still follow all of their content in one place.

A platform like this becoming popular seems unlikely to me, but hey ho it's the only thing I can think of that would drive You Tube away from being a monopoly and for people to start exploring other services such as Vimeo or Vessel.


I know Linus uses Vessel. I don't really see why it's a big issue considering that from what I've seen those videos make their way to YouTube a couple of days after. Its another revenue stream for big content creators.