One of my friends said to me that his laptop maybe have some problems and wanted me to help him to repair his laptop if I can.

So, last night I spent the whole night to repair his laptop but useless.

His laptop's model is Acer Aspire 4710z, and his laptop is running Windows XP Professional. But, after 10-15 minutes I used it,  suddenly, the screen became white. At first, I thought that maybe his laptop had viruses in it and he also let me to format his computer, so I did it.

After I format his laptop and place Windows XP Professional, the white screen came out again and always interrupt the installation process and resulting to restart numerous times.

Is there anything wrong with Windows system, or the monitor itself?


I Agree With iYoko,

You May Want To Think About A New Laptop Or Just A New Hard Drive?


seriously... im sure most laptops these days have a built in function to restore the manufacutres settings of the system.. in otherwords clean format like it was from the manufactore (ok i cant spell that word) try and find this out for your specific laptop cos ive checked and theres a few version out there core2duos. linux version running on on dual pentiums and others on windows vista

might be best to first try the linux live cd for a while to see if anything happends if nothing happends fault would be down to the OS... but u will most likely need to stress the system and since im not a linux user i wont know what programs can stress the cpu and gpu, might be a graphical problem with the gpu overheating too much.. but usualy the system wont go all WSOD on yah for that does the laptop have a dvi or vga port on it.. if possible u could attempt to connect the laptop to a different monitor and see if the same problem occurs


In my personal opinion I would just re-format and then re-install the Windows XP, but like other people have been saying install linux on it to make sure it's not the monitor.