Windows 10 Desktop Store Apps - Do You Use Them?


If you're one of the possibly 20.8% of desktop users running Windows 10, you'll know that the Operating System has a dedicated store. Microsoft has made a considerable push to unify the mobile, tablet and desktop by enabling the creating the "Universal Windows Platform" (UWP).

But are users actually using the apps? I've noticed when looking at various apps within the desktop store, that reviews are very light. This is very stark in comparison to mobile platforms that can run into the thousands.

Do you find the Microsoft Store hard to navigate?
Are you finding what you want?
Are you keeping the mobile style apps to your mobile?


I just find them useless on a desktop. Only ones I use are the mail and calendar app. I don't need the W10 apps for anything else because I can download an actual program that has better functionality and customisation not to mention not needing a microsoft account.

An example. Why would I need the W10 DropBox app when I can get the EXE and integrate with my PC?