Where can I start learning PHP?

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Anyone knows where I can start learning PHP?
But I really mean learning not just some video that says "how to make a login form" or something.
I am new in PHP and I really don't understand it O.o


Yea it takes time to learn any language really i'd reccomend w3schools.com . php.net, even youtube videos done by people like jimmyrcom really do a great job of covering basics of php and provide software to run apache etc on your computer to play around with php i'd also reccomend getting an app like Notepad ++ if you dont use it already to make coding easier


insanematt has some good advice there, he has helped me and im gradualy learning php.. the only problem is that u have to stick at it and keep up the pace of learning it etci once knew how to code in java script i made a simple blackjack game and now i can barely do a simple random dice thing, it is hard to learn.. ill suggest learning php 6.0 since thats where everything will eventualy lead to and if u learn it well you will be ahead of alot of people.. these days many cms are php 5.x.x so u can leanr some stuff just by downloading a cms and see how it works.. thats a very good place to start