yea so pretty much its most torrent sites are not in the us or england


Just to the person that said about the FBI only saying this because I like this kind of stuff...

It works like were the the owner of the site is...it also works were the site was registered they do this by simple ip tracking you if you do not no what ip is search is on Google....also a ip does not tell were you are it tells were your isp is.... So anyway if I registered the site in America and I was in Ireland the FBI could do something but I if was in Ireland and I registered the site in Ireland noting could happen to me via the FBI

But as Ireland and England have not got as much manpower such as computer forensics getting caught to you in those Places is VERY slim... America in the other hand has that type of man power.  But download illegal software is STLEALING the amount you download so download a 500 euro programme is = to stealing a 500 bike. But as everyone knows they just don’t have enuf man yet and the internet stage is only beginning and all the resources are on fraud and pron.  So you will get away with is now but in 5 years it will become harder and harder.


WOW!! I just sacred myself :relaxed:

Sorry for and gammier or spelling mistakes please do no correct me I am no very good at those things errrr lol
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So why are there site's like ThePirateBay then, how come there not in trouble and still up and running?
Well they did get in trouble, but they did somehow get back up and running.
ThePirateBay's servers are hosted in a country that doesn't care about Warez.
Also, Discussing warez is not illegal.
Linking / Downloading warez is.

Well, actually, Sweden do care about Warez. I think it's a little easier for ThePirateBay to get away with it since they're just hosting a tracker for torrents and not the files themselves. There are also other crap Warez Sites that claim they've got files, but are most propably just after your money. And Kids, remember, winners don't use warez. Then there's abandonware, which I think is OK, if the company is not selling the product anymore and can't get money from it, I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to download it for free, since no one is losing any profit.