Ultimate Wallpapers Thread

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l3iohazard link said:
[quote author=Maki Life link=topic=5672.msg53671#msg53671 date=1239121393]
[quote author=hiob link=topic=5672.msg53664#msg53664 date=1239120078]
FTW ewallpapers.eu  Shocked
Ok....what did I just say about spam....
Go easy,you can see he is new :relaxed:(8 posts)

http://www.best-wallpapers.com/ Nice site for wallpapers :smiley:

Thx, how exactly is that spam?
This topic is about a member coming in and posting a website where He/She gets his/her's wallpapers,or if you just know a site with good wallpapers.
But you repeated the link that hiob(the member who started this topic) so you didn't post any new link.

But in all forget about it,so what if you made a mistake?It doesn't matter ;D
PS: That doesn't mean you should spam the forum on purpose ;D