Tweaking Vista TCP/IP settings for broadband internet


just to state things first.. this isnt my guide... im just going to share a guide i have used in the past and have found it useful

i formated my comp a while ago and forgot about this tweak so just done it about an hour ago (while posting this )

now im just going to share my experince of this tweak/patching whatever u like to call it

firstly this is the guide i followed

ESPECIALY the part "Gaming Tweak - Disable Nagle's algorithm" im not gonna try and explain cos all the information is there basicly what this form of tweaking did for me ... was allow me to play TF2 from a stage where i had constant irritating lag where i can maybe kill 3-4 ppl and then have a massive spike in my latency and cant seem to do anything cos of the lag... Tooo a stage where i could play a whole round comfortably (allthough still shaky about when the lag is going to come.. but there wasnt :smiley:)

here is a few tests im going to show. I done 3 tests before the tweak and then 3 tests after the tweak..


as u can see the latency/ping has dropped by roughly 50ms also downloads and definetly uploads has increased (not much.. but for me... thats a massive improvement... actualy im surprised i even got anywhere near 2.5mb never mind my ever ending failure of only getting 1.2mb MAX and an upload of around 10kbs )

incase people are wondering im using Mobile Broadband with a max capable speed of 3.6mbs and im not even in a decent reception area... i get around 3/4 bars max out of 5

if anyone has had any experience with this tweak please feel free to share and give ur views on what it was like for u... e.g. gaming wise.. downloading etc xD

Note: Before even attempting to do these tweaks make sure u fully understand what your doing and dont just apply them cos u assume it might help u... it will work for some ppl and wont for others so please thouroughly (how ever thats spelt) read the guide and understand before attempting... enjoy :smiley: