The USB Engine Hub 2.0, Hot and Looking Great


A consolation for the winter season

ow, the next piece of gadgetry is dedicated to all the bikers out there who are feeling a bit low as the motoring season is coming close to its final rides, but also to all those across the world in whose countries winter and snow are drawing near... And to make these non-riding months pass a bit easier, here comes a nifty piece of USB technology, in the body of the USB Engine Hub 2.0, taking the vibe of your 2-wheeler as close to the real thing as possible.

The USB Engine Hub 2.0 can be looked at as a toy or as a functional object; or as both. While the number of USB gadgets around the house is growing, the USB hub industry is of course developing in many directions.

Themed hubs are no news, but neat themed hubs are, and the one we’re presenting to you now is one very nice piece of USB gadgetry. It has been shaped like a vintage bike motor, with a vertical in-line 2-cylinder architecture and large, exposed carburetors, pretty much like you'd expect to find in an old Triumph or so.

This 2.0 USB hub is active, meaning it will supply your gadgets with the necessary power, while easing the burden on your computer and making things smoother, while the 2.0 speed standard will be a neat replacement for the 2-wheeled speed. The engine comes with detailed construction, including a gearshift lever and a kickstart one, to make things looks like the real thing as much as possible.

Now, the funniest thing about the USB Engine Hub 2.0 is that you can have it vibrating and sounding in three different ways, pretty much like having a lilliputian motorbike engine running on your desk. And having it vibrating and making the specific noises while looking at the pictures you've taken on your trips could indeed make the sadness go away a bit. Or at least put a trustful smile on your face as you'll go visit your motorbike in the garage in January.

The USB Engine Hub 2.0 is available for 43 Euros (around $53) but there is no word on whether it will also be available in the US.