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Here is an excellent utility for Windows XP users. "TaskbarEx" provides lots of useful features for XP users which are worth to use.

"TaskbarEx" allows you to:

Move taskbar buttons
Re-arrange taskbar buttons like Windows 7
Detach taskbar buttons onto the Desktop
•Show taskbar thumbnails like Windows Vista and 7

So its a small utility which does wonders in XP. You can move taskbar buttons to anywhere else. You can move them to change their positions, you can detach them from taskbar and put them on Desktop.

If you want to put the button back to taskbar, right-click on the button and select "Return" option:

You can also set the button to stay on top of all windows by enabling "Topmost" option from its context menu.

And no need to use extra software to show taskbar thumbnails when you can get this additional feature with the help of TaskbarEx:

It also allows you to customize its settings like run at Windows startup, show/hide its system tray icon, increase/decrease taskbar buttons transparency, change taskbar thumbnails size and transparency level, etc. Simply right-click on its system tray icon and select "Config" option:

Its a portable utility, so you don't even need to install it. Simply run its EXE file.

You can download it using following links:

http://bit.ly/5zQBl    (Rapidshare)
http://bit.ly/4mKFoP (Mediafire)
http://bit.ly/oncig    (Down atm)

Source: askvg.com