Steam vs Facebook Gameroom? Which Will You Play?


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Facebook has launched a platform called Facebook Gameroom (Previously Facebook Games Arcade), where you can download an app for your Windows Desktop.

Some news outlets are touting this as a steam competitor, and while steam already has a large playerbase (over 125 million), facebook can target this platform at the critical mass of users on it's social network, integrating features such as notifications.

However the games inside Facebook Gameroom have been regarded as "Casual" games such as mobile and web versions, whereas steam is regarded as a more "Hardcore" platform for those looking for much heavier titles, but it is a matter of time before facebook can partner up with developers to bring their massive userbase to new games.

Will you be using this platform?
Do you play Facebook Games?
Do you think they are any sort of competitor to steam?


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I really doubt this will be any competitor for Steam if it only provides Facebook Games. I think Steam and this Facebook Gameroom are targeted at different audiences as a lot of people who use Steam for their games on a regular basis most likely doesn't play Facebook games (from what I've seen, anyway). Also people already have hundreds of games on Steam I doubt they'll want to change platform when Steam still works perfectly fine. If it ain't broken, don't fix it!
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Sonark has put this perfectly. If they keep pushing there crap i.e Candy Crush then it will get no where with the PC Gamers. Perhaps its not really meant for the hardcore PC Gamers which is why its only got there 'Flash' games on it.