Spotify No longer in the UK?

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Recently I was talking to Sakotius about Spotify, he asked me for an invite and I said to him that he should be able to get it for free. He said he couldn't so I thought I would check it out.

And what has happened, the free spotify is now on an invite only basis in the UK. It's understandable though since the demand was quite high. Worry not, for those who were able to get it free before it was made invite only can still use Spotify.

If you haven't used spotify before then you must ask someone who has spotify premium to invite you.
I hope they restore the spotify free soon though.

Here is a little screen shot taken from the website. Keep in mind that I am from the UK and so is sakotius.

You can even check out the website if you need proof.

So those looking to try out spotify free, sorry but you need an invite.