ShutUp10 - Free Windows 10 Privacy Tool By O&O Software

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The folks at O&O Software (Yep, the same ones that brought you O&O Defrag) have decided that Windows 10 has potentially compromised privacy for comfort, and have released a free portable tool that shows various Windows 10 settings in an easy to read format to increase the security of your system.

Interestingly enough, they've called it "ShutUp10".

The application itself looks very basic, and you can see what each option does by clicking it, which gives a full explanation for granular control, or you can "Apply all recommended settings", which will prompt you to make a System Restore Point before making any undesirable changes.

You can also create the restore point in the options, and undo all changes you've made there too.

Definitely worth checking out if you've forgotten about a setting, or didn't realise Microsoft was working away collecting some of your information in the background.

Download O&O ShutUp10
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