Shadow Explorer


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Hello, I will tell you of this program called Shadow Explorer. It is a program for retriving a lost file or folder. Like in Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, the Shadow Copy feature. Well, windows Home Basic and Premium may not be able to use Shadow Copies, but Vista still makes them. You can access them using Shadow Explorer, so if you accedentally delete an important document file or music file or something, you can find it and get it back. Another thing, you need to find the file or folder in your C:/ drive.(Yes, that sucks.)Note, this program is mainly for Windows Vista Home Editions, all other editions have this feature already. Another note, this program does NOT replace regular backups! Shadow Copies are stored on your hard drive so if you somehow erase the contents of your drive, well you can't get the data back. So, where to get this program? Here the link is (Yes, It's free) Overall, this is a good program, I am using this program because I have Home Premium. I would give it 10/10 stars and i like using it because it's free and useful.

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Nice piece of software seems quite nice, Nice find