Removing the Credit System (In Favour of Trophies)


Sorry guys, it looks like it's best that the Credit System is removed from DuncsWeb.

Reasons are as follows:

  • It's exploitable (Thankyou @iDominateU)
  • It's buggy (You will lose gigs when your post is moved, no way to get them back)
  • Spam alerts per post (which were useful, but got annoying after each post)
  • We were using a free version of a mod, but to get real use out of it requires hefty cash
  • Unsightly non-removeable (without a fee) footer credit outside of the usual area
  • The store to spend credits would have had limited use (Change username and Style Username)
  • The developer's addons were officially removed from Xenforo, our Forum Software's website, for multiple reasons (including previously owning a pirate software website, and taking other developer's code).
  • Unable to prevent posting in places where the credits can be gamed (i.e Forum Games)
  • The premise of posting randomly to get credits is a quick-fire way to spam up the forums
  • We already have a trophy system in place
Rather than attempt to fix all these issues, we can make full use of the current system in place. In terms of username styling, we can set up so colours are given to users who meet certain requirements, such as:

  • A new active member rank
  • Specific colours given to people who reach Rank 3 of a trophy
  • Specific even better colours given to trophy hunters who get multiple rank 3, and/or a large amount of trophy points
Trophy Points will be displayed under the postbit on the left, along with the usual badges received currently.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and I would love to hear some suggestions on colours you'd like to see for which events on the forums.
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Another Addon were using (for trophies) has just dropped support for the credit system, I'm guessing following the drama. Shame, it had potential.