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Shamelessly ripped from my post on JCXP in 2006 HERE. I added it here because I can't edit the original post on JCXP, but being admin on here I can edit it.

Don't forget to check the wiki HERE which is dedicated to Free Software and Please add your own!

Well.....I haven't really seen it anywhere so I have decided to come up with my own list of recommended freeware programs. Feel free to let me know of things to add, or things that are no longer free....BECAUSE YOU CAN GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING :wink: I know some of you will disagree with me but hey, I'll try out your suggestions.

This isnt every freeware program in existence its what in my opinion is the best

Audio & Video:

AIMP - A pretty good player, skinnable, plugins aviable
Winamp - Great low resource, skinnable music and video player with a large community.
iTunes - A must have for iPod users, quite good media player if you can stop the ipod services.
Media Player Classic - Lightweight media player (looks like the windows 98 one) which can handle Quicktime and Realmedia videos with the right plugins (Realmedia Alternative & Quicktime Alternative)
Windows Media Player 11 - Update to 9 and 10 which are standard with Windows, focuses more on grouping albums, black interface.
RealPlayer 10 - Plays movie streams and anything in the RM format, also plays music.
VLC - Plays many formats of videos
MPLayer - Very small media player - Uses 7MB with all codecs!
Vibestreamer - Stream music through a web browser
Foobar - VERY customisable player through code, uses little resources
Kantaris - A Video player based on the VLCs source code, pretty nice skin, plays everything
Songbird - Great player, very simmilar to iTunes


DVD Shrink  - Backs up your DVD's enough to fit onto a DVDR
CDBurnerXP - Free CD/DVD burner


Yahoo Widgets - Gadgets for your desktop, email, weather etc. Large Gallery of downloadable gadgets.
Vista Transformation Pack - By Windows X, transform your desktop to look like Vista
OSX (Tiger) Transformation Pack - Transform your desktop to look like Apple
Desktop Sidebar - Good skinnable sidebar with various features and plugins
RocketDock - Great application launcher, much like Object Desktop


FEAR Combat - Great shoot-em-up that JCXP users love
Tremulous - Absolutely kick-ass open-source FPS with a base-building RTS element, this game has a learning curve, but it's addicting once you get over it :wink:, I'm hooked
Nexuiz  - Really awesome open-source Unreal-Tournament like game
Savage - Another great FPS with one player commanding each team with an RTS gameplay, this game is also addictive so watch out, there's also a learning curve
Hidden & Dangerous - Great war shoot-em-up. Strategy Required.
America's Army Great FPS game, multiplayer aviable

Graphics (Viewing/Editing):

irfanView - Great image viewer, apply effects, resize and change format. Well Recommended
the GIMP - Great image editor with many professional effects found in most paid for apps
Picture2icon - Does what it says on the tin :smiley:
Paint.NET - Free Image manipulation program, .NET frameworks required

Internet (Browsers):

Firefox - Great internet browser with a large community, plenty of skins and plugins.
Opera - Full featured browser, supports torrent downloading, resumes downloads.
IE7 - Basically Internet Explorer with features from Firefox (tabbed, in-built search box)

Internet (Downloading):

Limewire Basic - Has the most files on so you usually find what you are looking for. Bit slow to start.
Frostwire Good Alternative to Limewire with no limitations of any sorts (limewire basic limits turbo-charged downloads), also now that Limewire is filtering out certain results you may want to switch to Frostwire to avoid this. It looks the same as limewire but blue.
?torrent - Lightweight torrent downloader, you can get impressive speeds on some torrents
BitComet - Very good torrent downloder, many options you can set
Star Downloader - Good Download manager that resumes broken downloads.

Internet (Messaging)

Miranda IM - Resource friendly customisable Instant Messenger, supports multiiple platforms such as ICQ, AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo and IRC
Windows Live Messenger - Popular messenger used by plenty of people. Contains ads in the program which can be best patched by the one at APatch
Yahoo Messenger - Good messenger supporting calls and file sharing.
Pidgin - A great open-source instant messaging program that supports just about any protocol in use (AIM,ICQ,MSN,Jabber,etc), originally for UNIX/Linux but now there's a windows port.
AMSN - Open-Source clone of the popular MSN messenger, it supports most of the features found in WLM, and even more will come in the next 0.97 version like Offline messages, audio clips and msn spaces, great program for alternate OS's where WLM sucks or is non-existant

Internet (Websites):

Filezilla - Great FTP client for uploading files to websites

Linux Builds

Ubuntu - Very easy to use Linux
OpenSuse - Well supported Linux, best in my opinion


OpenOffice - Good Alternative to Microsoft Office if you do not wish to pay for an office package. looks much like MS Office.

PC Security:

AntiVir - Low resource antivirus, just 1 popup when it updates, set and forget
Adaware SE Personal - Performs full and smart scans for spyware
ZoneAlarm Free - Good secure firewall, doesn't let anything past it
Spybot Search & Destroy - Scans for adware, much like Adaware
PeerGuardian - This program blocks incoming connections through blocklists to keep your P2P private. Ideal so people don't snoop your downloads.
Browser Hijack retaliator - Does what it says on the tin, many tools to play with
Avast Home Edition Free antivirus for noncommercial use, big virus list, skinnable

Drempels - Great screensaver, can also make your desktop move!
Electric Sheep - Downloads fractals to be used as screensavers, amazing quality.


CCleaner - Crap Cleaner can remove all unneeded files, includes a tool to fix issues in the registry
XP Utilities - Great selection of utilities, includes alarm clock, tweaks
CPU-Z - Great for Overclockers, check CPU, RAM speed and more and upload stats to website.
Volumouse - Control the volume of your computer with the mouse scroll wheel
Screenshot captor - Advanced screenshot software, allowing shots of regions, automatic save.
PC Inspector File Recovery - Does what it says on the tin, very handy utility.
i.disk - Handy utility that displays folder usage on your disk as a graph so you can see what is taking the most disk space.

I will add more when i can  :wink:

Szabot if you can see this feel free to edit this post and add all the stuff you know about.


Re: Recommended Freeware Applications

can we add Billy and Cabos to the list?  ;D

Audio & Video: Billy
No thrills music player (no skins, no mp3id tags), most lightweight that i found so far; shame it doesnt support wma or any non-english titled mp3s

Internet (Downloading): Cabos
No thrilles, stripped out limewire. Wiki quote: "Cabos is a free Gnutella file sharing program. It is based on LimeWire's source code, and has a similar feel in terms of interface. It lacks the chat and library features found in LimeWire."


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I've had a look through this list, but do you think it would be better for us if the list was narrowed down to the freeware you recommend instead of a list of more than one?
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Great list! Although this says Recommended applications, are we sure we should recommend IE7...?
yes cuz it's free
Yeah I mean are we sure we should RECOMMEND it, I mean, it IS terrible.