NEW! Poster of the Month Competitions!


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We're going to be holding competitions every month for the top poster.

The person who gets the most posts within the month will be crowned Top Poster for the following month.
Currently no members of the forum (including staff) have a ribbon on their names. This ribbon will unique to the top poster.

Top poster is now fixed (I was showing as the top poster :P)

You can see a full list of the top posters HERE and on the sidebar on the Main Forums. Awards are given automatically on the 1st of the month each month.

Post count may look different to the official message count as it includes posts in Forum Games, yes, you're free to play some Forum Games to help you reach the top.

This goes alongside credits which reward you for your actions too, but it's mere threads and posts that will help you for this one.

Good Luck!
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