Places to learn web development.


Thought I'd complie a list of places to learn web development to help people make their own websites in the future.


Code Editors
Cloud9 - Can mess around with various types of code and see what it looks like within a live envrionment. Also useful for creating projects and connecting them with GitHub. You can make different types of envrionments for code. So for example if you wanted an actual web server you would go with an Ubuntu envrionment.

Atom - Can customise it with plugins and themes. A decent code editor much better than others out there. If your looking for decent plugins I have a list here on my blog. Its also cross platform as well so works on Mac and Linux too. Also allows you to organise your projects.

YouTube Channels
TheNetNinja - Does awesome tutorials on web development and programming.

Others / Tips
  • These days its important to make a website responsive (meaning the layout of the website will change based on screen size its being viewed on) You should use Bootstrap for this as it makes it fairly easy to do. However if you want to make things more complex you can always look into Media Queries.
  • Make use of the Element Inspector in Chrome / FireFox as these are great for trying out changes to a website without actually changing anything.
  • Optimise your images using PhotoShop or GIMP as larger images take up lots of server space and slow down your website.
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