Places To Learn Programming Languages


Honestly? I tinker around.

I've been teaching myself C# lately and am both quite competent--and comfortable--coding in it now. Probably didn't hurt that I already knew some programming languages, so it made it a little quicker to pick up.
I learnt by loading up Visual Studio, giving myself a simple objective and trying to do it. If I couldn't work it out (like was the case when I initially started learning it), I'd use Google to find examples / tutorials / documentation on things.

Here's an example; learning how to run tasks in their own threads (preventing the UI from freezing).
I started by Googling simple terms such as "C# multi-threading". After weighing my options (via reading various suggestions), I decided something called 'BackgroundWorker' is what I needed. At this point, I knew nothing about this and so Googled "C# BackgroundWorker class" which turned up the online documentation of how to use it.

A couple more choice Google searches for examples and I got the basics down.
I went from not even hearing of 'BackgroundWorker' to being able to being able to implement it in the span of a few hours.

I'm the type of person who learns things much quickly by just getting on with it. Trial and error.
If I read a full on tutorial on how to use BackgroundWorker, I'd not of learnt a thing but instead just followed some instructions.