Personal experience with VM (Vortual machine) software.


When I heard that someone said "PC in a PC" I laughed thinking they were crazy so I thought I would give it a try.

I was recommended to try ut Microsoft Virtual PC. It was a briliant expierence but however when It came to running ubunutu on it. I had trouble getting it to work. Another problem is that the OS's in it run really slow no matter how much RAM and HDD space etc you give it.  It also doesn't have Windows XP seamless mode which isn't that good.

After that nightmare I decided to have a hunt around the web for a different application to do it. I then stumbled upon Duncan's video off Virtual Box, and it got my attention. I tried Windows XP in it, and while slghtly sluggish, it worked fine. I then tried ubuntu and it worked fine but was still a little sluggish. So far the main moan I have with Virtual Box is that there is no Seamless mode with Ubuntu, but I suppose that will happen in the future.

Another one that I've heard about is VMware fusion, but at first I thought it was for the macintosh system only until I found out about a Windows version of it. However I didn't do this as you have to pay for this software, and I don't want to get it illegally.

So what have your experiecnes with VM software been like?

Leave your comments below.


When I first heard about Virtualization, I thought it was awesome, and still its awesome, remember the early Single-Task years of DOS, and now look what we can do.


Ha the first time I used virtual box I was confused but then in AWE :smiley: though my new laptop can't really handle more than one OS even if in a virtual program...