Oldies from Mob3 where are you all now?


Thought I'd make this post to see where all the oldies from the old Mob3 days are now.

So back in the day I went by the user name illage2 and still go by that name on several websites etc. I used to post on Mob3 when I was at college thankfully Mob3 was never blocked and the tutors at the college didn't really mind.

So as far as where I've been.

My old YouTube channel I took it down around 2015. It wasn't getting any views any more and I'd lost passion for creating content its a passion that hasn't really come back. I miss the old days where I could make tutorials and screencasts and people would find them useful and lot of people from Mob3 were doing that.

As far as career's went after college my first job was a "Team assitant" at the BBC in Manchester for around Nine months, I then moved onto being an apprentice web developer with a company called SharpFutures which is still one of the best companies I've ever worked for, I then moved onto being an apprentice game designer with PlayGround Squad, after that I was unemployed for over a year when I worked for SharpFutures again as a web developer sadly it was only a temp role and they couldn't keep me on after. So I was unemployed again for a few months and I'm now working with a company called ViBox who build custom PC's for their customers. Sadly though it'll only last until after Xmas then I'll have no work again.

If your wondering why I don't post under illage2 here anymore is because I'm a different person to what I was years ago.


It's awesome to see you back illage, though I'm shocked that you took your YouTube down :eek: Weirdly, if anyone remembers, Megabyte.tv closed and disappeared without a trace, not even an email, and all the videos went with it, still gutted about that.

I guess I technically qualify as an oldie from mob3, and I most definitely do miss the hustle and bustle of the old stuff.

I leaned away from YouTube for a while, did some Minecraft Stuff, quit that in 2014 and ended up working a dead end job, not exactly a role model position to be in.

Then a friend suggested me to an IT Manager, who checked out my stuff, interviewed me and now I work as Tech Support for a relatively large insurance company. It's quite ironic because people used to ask me what my job was in IT, and I'd always answer "self-taught". Now I'm the other side of the spectrum and get to experience things from a corporate side.

I still have my creative itch though, and now I'm in a position to do this 24/7, gives me drive to get back in the game, get an awesomely valuable area up for people to enjoy, and have fun in the process.

I hate commuting though. Really, really hate commuting.
Wow, where does the time go? It's good to here you're both working in tech still. I also left the YouTube grind as being original was always a priority for me. It got very congested in the "tech guru" scene and quantity definitely quashed quality.

This all coincided with having a child. Noah is 6 now and a fine young boy. Total gaming addict already so, have to keep the console time rationed.

I still have many fingers in many pies. Teaching guitar as always but also helping local companies with my own branding company, DMV Web Services. Mainly, work with businesses in the manual trade sector. On the whole it's a design service.

I sell vintage wrestling memorabilia and freelance as a pro wrestling historian with my WrestlingCardz project. I've also just started running a betting tips service called BetSportz.

The job that keeps the bills paid though, is designing gardens. I work with clients all over the South designing landscaping and other garden elements mostly for retirement homes and estates.


Nice to see your all into tech, Nice to see you got into the Corporate side of IT @Duncan, The learning possibility is endless. Especially with the release of the new Windows Server 2016 at the end of September!

Still run my old YouTube channel. Changed it too focus on Train Simulator back in 2013 where it took off a little but died down slowly after the hype for the game ceased. I have recently had some people ask for my return so that may happen.

With regards to life, 2009. When it all began here for me. I'd have been in Year 8. Completed High School then moved onto College. After that did some voluntary work at a IT Firm so i didn't have a gap in my CV while looking for work. After this I found an apprenticeship to train to be an IT Engineer. I've been dong this every since for the same company that took me on in the first place, Now focusing mainly as a Line 3 Server Administrator.

As for hobbies. Used to be tech through and through. but that has changed not entirely hence my job. By day i'll be working on Servers and Computers and by night i'll be working on my new found love in cars. This may be a phase because i'm of the age but I highly doubt it as I've fallen in love with Japanese car manufactures and Japan generally. There culture is just so different its amazing. I've invested in two Japanese cars for myself already the first being my Mazda 3 2010 which i've built into a sporty looking hatch compared to its old Mothers car look it used to have. The second car being my Project Car is my Honda Civic Type-R 2002. I saved hard for this car and bought it of a friend with a dead engine, Alot of blood sweat and tight money months later she is almost road ready. Having spent a year building her up I finally have it to a point where its road worthy and it can be insured for decent money.

So thats me. 2016 Adam.

I like to think i'm a little bit more of a likeable person compared to my 13 year old t*** self.


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I've always gone by the name Reecebullet. During the original Mob3 days I was just finishing up secondary school and starting college. Clearly I had a lot of spare time on my hands!

I ran the YouTube channel BulletOfBullets for a hell of a long time, but much like a lot of the tutorial-channels, saw a massive decrease in views, as well as less and less things to cover that were original/interesting. The channel died around 2012. I tried to revive it in around a year later in 2013, but it didn't go so well. The channel hasn't been touched since.

Around mid-2014 the channel was actually hacked and I haven't been able to gain access to it since. I've contacted Google countless time about it... but it's Google. Their customer service lacks to say the least.

And I've been done with YouTube since then. I'd like to start making videos again, but it'd likely just be gaming stuff.

As for more recently, I finished college 2 years ago, life happened since, which mostly includes a lot of time waste and dead-end crap too.