Old player checking in


One Post Wonder
Hey what's going on

I was just reminiscing about the past and my childhood and remembered Minecraft and playing on the Duncsweb server pretty religiously. I was maybe 11 when I first joined the server and was about 13 when I left. I'm 18 now.

I did a bit of research out of curiosity, I wanted to see how Duncsweb is doing, and saw that my name was on the old players thread. To be honest I've got no idea why I'm back here lol. I'm not really a gamer anymore.

I remember why I left the server. I guess I just didn't like the changes it went through. I just logged in to my old Enjin account and had a whole wave of cringe come over my body. Before I left, 13 year old me just had to make it known that I was leaving, and the reason why. I was so full of teen angst, I genuinely think that, at the time, I felt really cool doing it - publicly slagging off the server for all eyes to see, yeah that's right f*** the system!


Ew. Duncan, I was such an insufferable little kid, I'm so sorry lol.

Not sure if you need extra proof it's really me. Here's another screenshot where I'm logged in to the Enjin app.


Cheers to Duncan & co for being a massive part of my childhood, genuinely. The nostalgia I currently feel is intense. I really appreciate and treasure my childhood experience because of you.

Any of the other oldschool players around? How you all doing?