Old DW Folks: How has life been for you in the last 5-10 years?


This is something that I would find interesting, some of the old folks in here have been gone for some time (I'm guilty) and we haven't heard from some of them.
How has life been treating you? What good & bad stuff has happened to you?

Since the DW stuff I finished my school course (Graphic Design) and actually learned how to play the piano! After that I started working with an Online TV Station for 2 years, producing videos and all that stuff. About 2 months ago I decided to quit the job and start on my own an "Agency" if you can call that. I create video advertisements and companies. And I'm also in the moment creating some short documentaries and other type of movies. :relaxed:

Tell us your life! :relaxed:


What a nice idea Nuno.

Blimey since the old days I've finished school, college and an IT diploma. My girlfriend and I welcomed our first child into the world this year a little girl called Adalyn.

I've struggled over the years but I can say that keeping in work since i've left school is something i'm proud of.

Keeping an eye on this community every few weeks is something i try todo had to leave the Minecraft stuff pretty much as soon as my partner reached the third trimester. I'd love to hear what everyone else has been upto!