NVIDIA's Mainstream MCP85 for AM3 CPUs Spotted


Word has already got out that NVIDIA is working on new chipsets that will feature support for the next-generation AMD AM3-enabled processors. The chipset, which is expected to come to the market targeting the high-end segment, will be known as MCP82. While this one is still on track, the latest reports reveal that the Santa Clara company is working on another chipset as well, the MCP85.

The mainstream chipset comes in two flavors, and is expected to arrive in Q1 2009

NVIDIA's MCP85 will come as a mainstream chipset designed for the AMD CPUs. According to an article published on Expreview, the newly spotted chipset will be placed on the same position as GeForce 8100/8200/8300 (MCP78). It seems that the green company plans to roll out MCP85 to provide a chipset with AM3 CPU support, while also keeping the Hybrid SLI plan in place. The Hybrid Power and GeForce Boost will also be used to make the entry-class graphic cards more appealing.

Just like with the MCP82, the MCP85 chipset will come in two flavors, MCP85-S and MCP85-V. Basically, MCP85-S and MCP85-V look almost the same, with a small difference in the clock speed and with different PureVideo versions. The chart attached to this article shows more details. Interestingly enough, this new chipset features only 8 shader processors, while the MCP78 had 16. As can be seen on the chart, MCP85 supports ACC overclock, as does the MCP82, which is great for AMD CPU users, since having ACC support sounds like more headroom for overclockers.

The latest reports also say that NVIDIA mainboard partners have already received samples of MCP85 from the company. It seems that the new chipsets will enter mass production sometimes in January 2009. If all goes as planned, the new MCP85 designed for the mainstream area is expected to hit the market in the first quarter of next year.

Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/NVIDIA-039-s-Mainstream-MCP85-for-AM3-CPU-Spotted-96360.shtml