Nostalrius Legacy WoW Server Revival: Elysium


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There's a lot of players who want to play in the nostalgia of the first generation of World of Warcraft, so much so that almost 275,000 people have signed a petition over at I happen to be one of them.

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"Nostalrius" happened to be the most popular server that scratched that itch, but after a few years of being in operation, was shut down by Blizzard. This wasn't the end, however.

Blizzard went into discussion with some of the developers at Nostalrius, but progress on bringing legacy servers to the masses appeared to have halted, with employees essentially saying that due to the scale of the task, it would be a while before things were figured out.

Many expected something to be said at BlizzCon, but a thread was posted on the WoW forums stating that focus would be put on adding content to the current game, and legacy would not be discussed. Prior to this the following was posted on the Nostalrius Forums:

"As a consequence, if Blizzard doesn't make an announcement to honour their own core values, be sure that we will."

...and announce they did. From what can be gathered from the official announcement and from a reddit post from an elysium admin, the code will be handed over to the Elysium Project.

Previously Elysium was a server, which has now frozen it's database to be loaded onto the new code, where Nostalrius data will transfer, essentially merging the two communities.

The server can be found at: Elysium

It's unsure how long it will be until Blizzard respond to this, but do you think these guys are going about it the right way?
Is a little early to be doing something like this?
Or warranted?


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So many things about Nostalrius rub me the wrong way. They just seem to act really petty and childish about the whole thing, especially with the things they say. That quote that you shared @Duncan is just proof of that; I remember them saying that they were going to release their source code because of no announcement because they want more people to make private servers. They're encouraging people to break the law and people are praising them for it? Would people be praising someone who went around saying "Hey, here's a bunch of tools, go break into that house and steal all the things"? Because that's exactly how it looks to me.

I understand that people want to play legacy but I also understand that if a company doesn't want something to happen with the game and assets they created then that wish should be respected not ignored.

So many people back up Nostalrius and the devs themself act all high and mighty as but at the end of the day they're stealing assets and breaking the law no matter which way you look at it. I have no real opinion to people playing these private servers but I really do not like the servers themself especially when they're making money off other peoples hard work. The one thing that tilts me off the face of this planet is when they act like they're the ones in the right.

Also didn't they move to a Russian host so that they can't be caught under US law? They obviously know what they're doing is wrong but they keep doing it and act all high and mighty about it!

Let's be honest though, 250,000 people signed a petition, how many do you think would be playing after a years time? Plenty of people sign petitions and don't follow through, it's been shown so many times before. I'm going to guess it'd definitely be less than 100,000 people playing after a year and from a business standpoint when they have a game with millions of subscribers it's really not an option as it'd just mean less content for the base game.

I would feel the same way if this was any other developer, not just Blizzard.
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