No links on the Free Games videos?

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So the 'X Free Games To Download' are some of the most popular videos on Duncan's channel, and I decided to rewatch one for old time's sake. The problem is that even though there is an annotation in the beginning of the video that says the links to the games are in the description, there is just a short snippet about our website down there, and that's it. Is it possible to put the game links back down there, like they used to be? (Also: are there any other videos that used to have links in descriptions but are completely gone now?)

Link to the video in question
This video has missing links as well


AKA mobilephone2003
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Unfortunately I did a mass edit to help the site without realising how much info I blitzed

The videos are very old now, most of the games can be googled, a lot of expired links would be on those videos anyway.