My windows 7 experiences.


Now I keep saying I hate Windows 7, and for good reason.

First of all I downloaded the beta and installed it via Virutal box as I didn't want to go through the whole dual booting process. The installation took about 2 hours to complete which isn't too bad. When I managed to log in I was surprised at it's slow speed, everything else worked apart from aero peak.

After a while the RC came out so I gave that a try, and after installing it via Virtual box, I found that the speed was a major improvement from the beta but however, after trying to install firefox  I restarted the VM and found that I had been locked out of everything, I coudn't even click on the start menu button. After this incident I was completely put off Windows 7.

If I was to get Windows 7, I would like it pre-installed on a machine. Until then I will stick with Windows Vista and XP (Via Virutal box)

SO, what have your Windows 7 experiences been like?


Well i installed windows 7 on virtualbox and all was fine other than my system. My current system sucks like crap it has 1GB of ram, a one core AMD processor. a less then 64mb video card. so my experience with windows 7 was plesent even if my system is crapy! so it was slower but it was because of my system! and windows 7 has 95% better network capabilities! i'm not joking so i think its a good OS. but one bad thing is that they built onto vistas already made kernel so microsoft did take a lot of those bugs away but you never know with windows!


Windows 7 is awesome! I cannot wait to see it in my local BestBuy!