My Windows 7 Experience!



Yeah so on Monday 13th April i decided i'll make a little switch from Vista to Windows 7 Build 7000 for testing purposes ofc. I decided to wipe my HDD and install Windows 7 as i didn't have enough room to partition and install. So far everything has been fantastic for example "Aero Shake" i find really useful for closing multiple windows at once, the automatic background changing, preview windows have been improved, the BRAND new taskbar looks awesome. Another point with im really supprised about is this time when you right-click on the driver/device and press "update...." from the device manager it searches (i think) Nvidia or the internet and automatically downloads the latest drivers, which never happens in vista (for me anyway). The startup and shutdown times have been improved as its takes me less time to shut down and start up, VERY USEFUL. Disk Defragmenter HAS been improved e.g it features a analyse button and a pecentage how much its done. They have included WMP 12 which IS better, IE 8, Action center. I noticed my Windows Experience Index went from 5.x to 3.0  :frowning:. Another thing was there is NO annoying sidebar to cope with, my computer was still fast at starting up with gadgets turned on than in vista where it slowed down alot  >:pensive:

Anyway here are some Screenshots (too big to put here):

My Desktop :
Windows Experience Index:
Switch windows:

Overall i rate Windows 7:- 8/10 as it's still in beta but brilliant  :wink:
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windows 7 is a diffidently + for windows

im loving it as much as u are man =]


i really like the new taskbar...... like i love i wanna...yea u get my point ;]