[Mob3 Exclusive] TN-Geek Snipit Storer - Need Beta Testers!

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Firstly, Yes, I know I spelt 'Snippet' wrong, I meant to. So anyway, I currently have two screen resolutions of the version and you can have one even if they don't fit. I'm making more but I'm not going to waste my time before I know that they run as a single .exe file on other peoples computers. No, this is not a virus, It's basically a stripped down Text Editor where you can CTRL+C and CTRL+V but no right click.  :-\
You also can't save as it's not really needed, it's just like a large clipboard, and when you do get the right screen resolution version the scroll bars will function perfectly. And yes, it is basic. It's just a replacement for Notepad but VERY stripped down. But thats enough talking about it, tell me if they work as .exe files as I'm not certain. They work on my computer but thats the PC I built them on. The two screen resolutions are 1280x1024 and 1280x768. Making more as soon as I know they work

Download in attachment.

(Draft copy made in [Mob3 Exclusive] TN-Geek Snipit Storer)

EDIT: If Beta stages go through right click will be fixed (Hopefully :-\)


AKA mobilephone2003
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looks like a nice little editor, ideal for anyone who needs a basic box to paste things into.
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Does it run as an .exe?

EDIT: Because of Duncan's post, obviously.


Looks great considering its only a stripped down version of the notepad, you should try adding some function menus..
If you need some ideas you can check out my late alpha clipboard i'm making exclusive to MOB3,  (was done in C++, but you can still get ideas from it..)
And if you want I can help you out in some of it.. (In my free time, i've got a few projects to work on)..

(Im attaching the clipboard in another topic, look out for it)
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I Wish This Could Have The Availability To Save? :/