Machinaruim :: Rewiev



Sometimes a small game crawls higher to our hearth more than any shooter or an RPG. Sometimes someone makes something different that suprises us in a good way. That kind of a game is Machinarium. Firstly i would say a few words about the creator, Amanita Design, they did about eight games. I would like to point out three of them Samorost and Samorost 2 - both rewarded many times. And of course Machinarium, theire biggest success. Now in a genre like adventure the story is really important. But how do you describe Machinarums story when during the hall game absolutely none words are spoken. Despite that Machinarum has a developed and interesting story. The programmers 'tell' us the story whit animated images during the game. You play as a little robot which is thrown by the city mafia in a junk yardand kidnapped his girlfriend. Black Cap Organisation is planning in placing a bomb in the city Square of the city of Machinarum. Our robot is going on a journey in the city to stop theire plans. In Machinarium every screen is a story, location and riddle. You can't move your robot in different screens or locations. You will appear on the left side and make your way to the right solving how to mind the gap. The riddles are phenomenal.. Sometimes a bit hard but they are logical so there shouldn't be problems. But if there are there is a hint system. On your top right corner there is a light which displays an image of your final goal. That usually gives a 'I know what to do. Just don't know how!' moment. So there is a book next to the light which needs to be unlocked. You click on the book and you fly a ship and kill spiders to get the book open. (in an arcade style)  Your possibilities are changing your body size. You can interact with objects around you.

Now for my favourite part... The look!

Machinarium has an artistic setting. Everything was painted by hand with a lot of details. When i get into a new screen i just watch 2-3 minutes noticing the details and stiles. Machinarium is a grey world - full of metal, rust, and the characters are looking depressive. But they manage to get a warm setting tough. Animations are awesome. The way he puts objects in his head and the birds in the background.  The atmosphere is really amazing. A big part in the is the instrumental soundtrack. It's really hard to find a flaw in this game. I think the only one is that it's a bit short. But what to expect of a 300MB flash game? But we expect Machinarium 2 soon. This game is worth it's price.