Mac OSX experiences


Being a hardcore windows user for most of my life I thought I would give the Mac OSX OS a try.

I was really surprised when I started using the eMac OS. Really easy to use as most people said. If your a Windows User, I can certaitnly tell you that the Mac OS is easy to use. I thought I didn't know how to use it, but now I know the basics.

The eMac was on OS 10.3. I've since upgraded to 10.4, and will upgrade to leopard once I am able to buy the correct amount of RAM for it. I'm hoping 1GB will be enough.

The one issue is that I need to buy a separate card to recieve wireless but I won't be spending any more money on that. 

Hopefully one day I can purchase a mac mini since they are more powerful than the eMac but hey the eMac is a nice little machine to play with once I get more RAM.