Linux Gum ( My custom live CD)

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OK I just made a Linux distribution called Linux Gum . Currently in the 0.0.1 version . Its like custom nimblex except you get to choose more stuff. So it was NOT coded by me. I just choose settings and changed boot logos and aplications etc.  It is A version of OpenSuse.  It is based on the Gnome desktop and just comes with the basic stuff. It was made on Suse Studio. Basically I had to do no coding just chose the name adjusted settings and it was ready to build.

EDIT for build 0.0.1:  Total fail the stupid boot screen refuses to go in to the desktop

EDIT: Going to make a fresh start and try again.

EDIT 0.0.2: OK build 0.0.2 has now support for 256 MB ram PCs and should work.

Here is the OS in action

Screen shots:

Boot Options:
Loading Desktop:

Might put it on my main hardrive but not sure yet.
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Re: Linux Gum

Looks like another version of DSLto me but it does look kool great finding!