Lets see ya rig [Apr-Sep 2020]


Hi all,

Thought I'd start a new bi annual thread 'Lets see ya rig'

With the Lockdown (No my name is not a meme) I went a bit OCD with my machine getting it cleaned etc while waiting for my new processor.

I thought why not start a thread where everyone can show off their rigs!



Case: Thermaltake Core P3 Wall Mounted
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Z370-E Strix
Processor: Intel Core i9 9900KS
RAM: TeamGroup Dark 32GB 3200MHz Kit
GPU: EVGA SC2 Black Nvidia GTX 1080Ti
SSD(s): 1x Intel 660p 512GB Boot, 6x Crucial BX500 480GB RAID 0 for Games
PSU: Corsair CX750m
Network: 10Gbe Mellanox Connect-X2.


CPU Block: EK Z370-E/F Nickel Monoblock (Needed for the power house that is the 9900KS! 255W Full load)
GPU Block: EK Reference Nvidia 1080Ti/Titan Xp Nickel Block.
Radiators: EK CoolStream PE 360 Triple Fan
Pump: EK D5 Pump/Res Combo
Fittings: All Nickel EK Compression Fittings/T Junction at the bottom for draining.
Temp Gauge: Barrowich In-Line Water Temp Gauge.
Coolant: Mayhems X1 Blue.

I look forward to seeing what everyone's got!
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That looks awesome!

Took this photo back in July 2018 and my system hasn't really changed other than a 32GB upgrade and M.2's here and there. Still going strong!

Bit of a mish mash of kit, i7 7700k and a 980ti, yet to find a solid reason to upgrade that as I don't (properly) game that much.


Reduced down to 1 27" Samsung Space Saver 144hz monitor now as my desk is quite small.

Case is a cheapo 270R and Cooler is a Corsair H105. This PC has survived a couple of journeys in the back of a golf to Birmingham for some Insomnia Gaming LAN events.

Yet to jump onto the AMD side of things but with how much Intel have screwed me on the corporate side and the value I'm hearing AMD holds it's extremely tempting for a next build.