Increase Connection Speed using Broadband Connection.... [Windows XP]

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Recently I applied a broadband internet which using wireless with the following conditions:

Connection: 3G Network
Speed: 3.6 MBps

When I download stuff, like application / music / video etc, during early morning( about 4-5 AM ), IDM reported the speed : 40 KBps+ (possible until 50 KBps) ; Morning ( 10 am like that ) : 20 KBps+ ; Noon (even worse) : 15 KBps+ ; Evening (better) : 20 KBps+ ; Night( much much better ) : 30 KBps+

( Based on downloading Windows Server 2003 SP1.exe file speed, same day)

How can I increase the download speed to about 1 MBps or what? The surfing speed is terribly slow, especially during the noon...

Even worse, itself suddenly disconnected. What the heck?

How can I increase the speed (download) to about 1 MBps or what?
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Hmmm there are a couple of ways maybe ask for a better 3G sender or change your DNS IP


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Well, it is a 3G connection, meaning its wireless and wireless connections arn't that stable or fast, it will definatly be slow when tons of people are using it. A wired connection would be much more reliable.
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You will never get 1Mb/s on that.
A 2MB connection can download up to 250kb/s, meaning you're looking at 320 to 370kb/s tops.

As it's a 3G connection, you won't get much of a connection anyway. It's using the same "signals" that a mobile phone uses (or "Cell Phone" for you Yanks).
The signal quality effects the download speed, so try using your computer somewhere else inside the house (or buy a USB extension lead and dangle the dongle out the window).

If you want 1Mb/s download speed, you'd need to get a fixed broadband connection (such as ADSL or cable). You'd need to order a 8.5MB or above package to actually recieve that speed.
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exactly what matt said... at best u can achieve 500kb/s if your very lucky... and as i am using 3G mobile broadband as i speak i can tell u now that it is impossible to get 1mb's unless ur on a 7.5mbs version... then u will be lucky... what u can do is invest in an antena that is compatible with your MB dongle but then again all that will do is increase stability not speeds, i had a post somewhere around here with my speeds and what i did to slightly improve it