I need help please!!


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hey i was on youtube and i wanted to make my laptop faster and i saw a vid on how to get more ram. So i went on it and did everything and it told me to restart my comp and i did. So when i was about to log in my acc it kept restarting again and again. Well i somehow got to this recovery mode and it has  6 different programs to choose fom and they are: startup repair (i tried it didnt work) system restore (idk if it will work i have used it in the past before) windows complete system restore (i rly dont want to delete everything) windows memory diagnostic tool (i have no idea wut tht is) command prompt (im wondering if i could use tht to  get me on my desktop w/o the startup) and recovery manager (idk wut it does) 

??? so plz help me thnx


You can't get more RAM without buying it, was it one of those tutorials that show you how to destroy  your computer?

Guessing you extended your paging file?

1st you start your computer.
Then, hold F8 just before the windows logo shows.
If you did it right, you should get a menu.
Select 'Safe Mode'
Once you're in Windows, you should get a message asking about working in safe mode. Click no, and the System Restore window should open.
Restore your computer about one day before you messed with the paging file.

That should work. If you're using vista, it should work, but I can't guarantee it.