How To Upgrade From Windows XP to Windows 10

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So you're still rocking an Operating System released in 2001 (as of this post, 14 years ago!) and want to upgrade to Microsoft's latest Operating System, you'll find you're out of luck, as the upgrade path stops at Windows 7. In fact, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP on the 8th April 2014.

Rather than installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 on your system (which is recommended), is it possible to take advantage of the current offer of the Free Upgrade Window, considering a full on license will cost $119 for Home and $199 for Pro?

The best way to take advantage of the free upgrade is to meet the requirements for it. For that you'll need to get your system upgraded to Windows 7 or Windows 8. It doesn't really matter which as you will be using this as a middle-man for your free Windows 10 Upgrade.

Unfortunately Microsoft is only selling Windows 10 in the official store and prior versions (Windows 7 and 8.1 retail copies) and retail stores can push the price boundary at or above what Windows 10 itself is selling for:

Newegg is selling a full Windows 8.1 version for $119

Another option is to try and get a legacy version from an auction site like eBay, although exercise caution as there is potential for counterfeit copies, or OEM copies intended for builders. Upgrades can only be performed on an official Upgrade or Full Retail copy of the Operating System.

If the disc shows as "Operating System already installed on your computer" or "intended for distribution with a refurbished PC" you will not be able to upgrade from Windows XP. Again, legacy OEM Versions Can Not Perform Upgrades.

Note: Don't forget to check that your PC matches the System Requirements for the latest operating system.
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