đź’– How to Sync Your Forum/Discord Rank with DuncsWeb Minecraft


For all who are still playing Minecraft and want a coloured name on the server, we are rewarding those who participate on the website.


You need:
  • To be signed up with DuncsWeb.com
  • To be on Discord
  • To be on Minecraft Server: mc.duncsweb.com
Steps as follows:
  • Once registered here, feel free to post as it will stop you being a "Lurker" with a white name
  • Link the site to your Discord here: https://duncsweb.com/account/connected-accounts/
  • Wait a bit, promotions in discord do take some time (We can force a sync if you @ us)
  • Log in to Minecraft and load up Discord
  • Join our discord if you haven't already
  • Open up a PM with MC Rank up in our discord channel (He's in the same group as me at the top)
  • Type !key <name> <rank>, replacing name with your minecraft name and rank with the role you have assigned to you on Discord (e.g. !key mobilephone2003 Lurker)
  • MC Rankup will PM you with a command to type into Minecraft to complete the sync
  • You now have a coloured name
  • You will need to do this each time you rank up on the Forums
This process is finicky but works and might need a nudge from the admins, problems can occur as follows:
  • Not ranked on Discord but on Forums - Sometimes this takes a while, this may be because you've synced to the wrong account, or our sync bot hasn't woken up, @ us if you need to.
  • "MySQL Error" - Our server that handles this is out of step, @ me, Jordan or Sonark asking to reboot the discord server
  • "User not found in database" - Sometimes happens on first sync, relog and get a new key

When all is done, your rank on the site will be the same as discord and on Minecraft, in relatively the same colour as they are allowed. You'll need to type the !key command when you get promoted.

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If this process was automatic i would be wet af
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Are there any added rewards for each rank or is it the same for all ranks aside from unregistered?