Android How To Get GeekBio Running on DashClock (4.3+)


I'm a big fan of DashClock for Android as it can display a bunch of different things such as Battery Life, News Articles, Social Network alerts and Weather, but can also be combined with Tapatalk (GeekBio Mobile).

Here's a quick guide on getting GeekBio Alerts on DashClock, which will only work on Android 4.3 and above due to the way notifications are handled

  • Install Tapatalk, Search "GeekBio" in Forums and Sign in
  • Install DashClock
  • Install DashNotifier for DashClock
  • Add the DashClock widget to your Homescreen
  • Click Settings for DashClock
  • Click "Add another Extension"
  • Click "DashNotifier 1" - You may be asked to enable notifications, accept this
  • Choose Tapatalk under Applications, the app will make an icon for Tapatalk itself
  • Optional - Make sure "Show Notification Content" is checked (this will show the "replied to" etc)
  • Optional - Make sure "Stack Notification Content" is checked (this will show more than one at once)
  • Optional - Make sure "Show Number" is checked (adds a number if you're stacking notifications)
Quick Screenshot of what your settings should look like (Mine says Dashnotifier 3 because I have other settings):

That's it! when you receive a notification on these forums, it will appear on your homescreen.