Help me with a partition?

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Okay, my pc came installed with vista home premium; but I kept vista on it for a while. Then today, i tried to dual boot both vista and xp, and it went bad. I formatted one of my 2 drives, for getting about my recovery drive, and now my xp partition is only 130gbs on a 320GB HDD. How can i just remove everything on my computer? I tried using Vista's formatter, but to no avail. Please help me!

Also I cannot access the other drive in formatting
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There's FREE programs out there that you can use to do this.

There's GPart, which is actually included in the FREE "LiveCDs" of a few Linux Distributions (I'd recommend Ubuntu).
Be warned that doing this will probably void any warranty you may have on the system, and most "Recovery Discs" restore from a HIDDEN PARTITION on the primary drive - deleting this would mean you can never restore to manufacturer's settings.