Google Chrome - Dark Skin for XP



I found this when looking to see if there's been any skins made for Chrome. What I found isn't a full skin, it just changes the top bar to black.

Chrome looks better on Vista by default, but if you're on XP, this is the only way so far to banish that insipid blue bar.

Anyhow, I can confirm it works fine and the tutorial can be found here:

The replacement theme file can be found here:

And it looks like this:

I'll paste the tutorial here (slight changes made) for ease, full credit goes to Upnishad at geekpedia and of course manhog for making and releasing the theme itself.

Skin Google Chrome. 
September 5, 2008
Posted by upnishad

We love Google Chrome. But quite frankly, the blue theme sucks on my black theme. If you’ve seen the screenshots of Google Chrome on XP vs Vista, you’ve probably noticed that the interface looks completely different. If you want to make your XP version use a slick black theme, you can do so with a custom hack.

Installing the Custom Theme

You’ll first need to download the patched theme file from the link at the bottom. Next, open up an explorer window, and paste in the following to the address bar:

    %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\2.149.27\Themes 

Remember to substitute your user name for %userprofile% and to make sure all of your system files are visible (In explorer go to Tools/Folder Options/View then tick "Show Hidden Files and Folders" and apply)

You should see a file called default.dll, which you want to make a copy of before you do anything else.

Next you’ll want to paste the default.dll contained in the theme’s zip file into this directory. You should be prompted to overwrite the current file (which you should have backed up).

At this point, you can start up chrome and you’ll see the new theme.

Removing the Theme

Simply delete the new default.dll file and rename the copy back to the original defualt.dll name. That’s all there is to it. You should note that these themes will have to be re-patched every time a new version of Google Chrome is released, which could be quite often.


Cool this looks cool i would try it but i dont use google chrome anymore