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If you wish to download the latest build (along with the latest BETA release), please see this thread.


Like most people, I play games on my PC.
The downfall of this is that if I have to format, do a True Image restore, etc.. I lose all my GameSaves (or at least the latest ones). This then means I have to start from the beginning of a game, instead of where I left off.

This week, I decided to do something about this.
I started work on a program I'm calling "GameSave Manager" on Thursday, and I am quite pleased with what I've accomplished so far.
GameSave Manager allows you to backup, restore and transfer your GameSaves with just a few clicks.

The thing I love about this program is that I've made it collect the directories DYNAMICALLY, meaning a GameSave could could be located in the user's Documents folder, a Game's Installation Directory, etc.. and it will detect the correct directory (even if the user installed a game into a strange location or different partition).
Even better is the feature I'm working on, which allows you to add your OWN GameSave Entries to it's Database. This effectively means that if I have not added a game to the "Official" list, you can simply add it yourself in a few seconds.

Unfortunately, I haven't yet started working on the "Restore" engine... Although the program is fully capable of backing up and detecting GameSaves, as well as allowing the user to add their own GameSave detection routine.

I don't usually post about program's I've created, as I usually just share them with a few friends (they aren't usually that interesting really), but as there's a few people on this forum that play games regularly I thought this program maybe interesting for them.

Here are some screenshots of what I've currently coded and that's working:

Main Menu:

Backup Interface:
NOTE: The progress of the task is shown in a Dialog when running...

Custom Entry Interface:

I would like to hear what people think about this program.
Would you be interested in testing it (whenever it's ready for it)? Would you be interested in helping me re-design some of the other pages that look ugly? Any suggestions for games to add (I will also need their GameSave Paths)?


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Very good idea, I'd certainly use it

I'd suggest not spending too much time thinking about how it looks, I've used programs with pretty basic looking GUI's. So long as the functionality is there, so what if it looks more at home on an old windows box ;P

At any rate I'd be more than happy to be your guinea pig and I'll even lend a hand with the re-design although my skills with graphic software is woeful at best, I'll at least give it a good go.

Send me a brief via email or indeed add me to MSN - Email is in profile. Its far better to talk things out in real time, no?
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Thanks Finn.
I've been considering doing something for a good year or so now, just never could be bothered (nor could I think how such a program would detect things).
There's a program on the STEAM forums which copies and pastes your GameSaves into a folder on your desktop, but it wouldn't load for me (saying "Windows Vista isn't compatible"; despite the author saying it IS compatible). This program seemed to do everything in the "background" anyway, which I (like many others) are wary of.
As a result of this, I decided to put my "thinking hat" on. The mission - to work out a detection routine for GaveSave directories. Then everything else kind of fell into place (the "custom entries" feature came to me when I first tested the detection routine). I made sure it displays what it's doing to the user through-out a task, so the User knows it isn't doing anything "naughty".

Yes, I agree with you; the program doesn't need to look too great as long as it works correctly - and thus 90% of my time has been on coding, and the GUI is forever being morphed. I do however, like it to look reasonable (as I'm sure you - as a user - would like it to be like).

Since creating this thread, I am almost finished coding the Restore Engine (along with adding a few other features, which makes it more stable and better at finding directories).
I will take you up on your offer; I assume the Email Address on your profile is your MSN (sorry, WLM now isn't it) account too, correct?


PS. I'll post some more screenshots sometime in the week, assuming that others are interested in it.
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With the help of Finn's testing and giving feedback, GameSave Manager is coming along nicely.
So far, all bugs found by me and Finn have been fixed.
The "Detection Engine" is now 100% functional, along with the Backup and Restore engines. The "Custom GameSave Entries" feature is also operational.

I would upload a few more screenshots, but I haven't got the time at the moment.
PM me (or contact me on Xfire - name's in my signature) if you would like to help test this program out, but remember it's a BETA release!

Edit: Here are some new screenshots (they aren't being embedded, because of the size and amount):

Backup Page
Restore Page
Main Menu
Custom Entries

I'm happy to say that it's now out of BETA. It appears to be very stable, and even more useful to me personally than I originally thought.
I have yet to upload it to Sendspace / Rapidshare / Megaupload because I don't know if anyone is actually interested (I would like to believe they are).

I would like to thank Finn for all his feedback and time.
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