Freebie Alert: SoftPerfect File Access Monitor


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Previously $149 per license with a 30 day trial, SoftPerfect has released their file monitoring software as freeware.

The software allows you to keep track of file changes on your system or on a Network. You'll need to install a service on your PC for this to function, but this will enable comprehensive details on file creation, attribute changes, reads and deletes.

When the program launches, you can set which PC you'd like to monitor (by default, localhost is selected)

As thousands of operations happen as you use your PC, you can also filter the results or see them in a chronological view:

All in all an interesting tool for system monitoring and complete file auditing.

Download Here
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This is awesome. Been having a play with it today.

I'm considering even using this on my clients servers to find out who keeps 'accidentally' moving folders on the shares.