Forza Motorsport 3 Laptime Challenge


I came up with a fun challenge for everyone who is active here. There is a course in Forza Motorsport 3, called Fujimi Kaido. Simply guess what you think my laptime will be, and the person who is closest wins! Simple, eh?

Oh wait. There's a twist. I'm going to be using the lowest spec car at my disposal, which is a 1970 Datsun. I have tried a short run on part of the course in the car, and it does seem possible to finish. Here's some thought for you: the world's fastest laptime on this track is 7 minutes 58 seconds, using a very high spec Nissan Silvia.

So, place your bets. Next week, if there is any response, I will run this course, and post my laptime here. I will not alter the laptime, and I'll be driving properly. I'll be using all the assists as well, if you wonder. The course (Fujimi Kaido) is 10.2 miles long. A lot of it is uphill - it takes place on a Japanese mountain. So, good luck to everyone!

If this is in the wrong forum, please move it to the right one, rather than lock it. I'd like to try this and see how popular it happens to be.