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Here are the answers to a number of questions I've received from people:

Are you still making YouTube Videos?

Yes - Though I work full time, I don't have much time left to do them.

I need a link from one of your YouTube Videos, help!
Some links may be broken for good, but you can request a link here and we will try to locate it for you.

What happened to DuncsWeb Minecraft?
This was closed in June 2014, and was taken over by BlockShed.

Will you ever make another Minecraft Server?
Not likely, while the game is still relatively popular, it's not worth the time and effort to make one that won't ever get to the point the old one did.

What happened to DuncsWeb website?
This was mostly taken over by Minecraft, which is closed, so we've moved back to the roots of mob3, a discussion forum, which started back in 2008.

What happened to the old forum on this website?
That was a test, full details here
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