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  • Summonable Horses - You can now claim a horse and teleport it to you anywhere with /zh claim
  • Auction House (/ah) - Sell your stuff and buy new kit from the AH,
  • Jobs (/jobs browse) - Jobs are now available and show in chat, with 8 ranks. 1 job can be joined.
  • Hunter Job - You cheeky buggers have large mob arenas where you don't get hit, so the Hunter profession has been removed
  • Money from Mobs - Now we have many more jobs and because of the above, money from mobs also removed.
  • /work (or !work) - Similar to what you see on Discord in #botgames-2, a daily gig bonus, with a 24 hour cooldown
  • /help - A new help system designed to help remember commands, grouped into categories
  • Pets - Combat, Utility, PvP, Farm pet skills all enabled, friendly mobs can be tamed
  • /drunk - Will now tell you when you're drunk. As the alcohol wasn't working too well with shops, we're now giving them to you via button in DuncsClub
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