DuncsWeb Into 2021

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It's pretty crazy to think that it's almost been a decade since our Minecraft Server and community was first opened, and even crazier to think that the community initially started forming around 2008-2009, and undertook several identities and even a several year break before returning to what we have today.

I'm sure many of you have changed dramatically since the early years, I certainly have, and the past couple have been especially challenging so I hope you all are safe and well.

For those that have continued to stay with DW through its various forms, I'd like to give a heartfelt thank-you, even if you're idling in our Discord it means a lot to know you consider this tiny part of the internet worth joining.

Although there hasn't been many updates around here, the Minecraft Server lives on, and will do until 2022, as while I don't have as much time as I once did, I do still want to give back to those that invested time & money in keeping DuncsWeb going. I have full intentions on keeping that server up to date and intend to keep the charm that's been refined over the years.

Unfortunately the Website/Forum is constantly attacked by spam bots, and is rarely used now, so I think it's time to push the pause button on signups and posts in favour of our Discord Server - Anything worth announcing will however get posted on the site (and on Discord).

For those reading on 25th Dec 2020, Have a very Merry Christmas, and those reading in the future, stay safe and here's to a better 2021.
Not open for further replies.