😄 DuncsWeb/BlockShed Server - IP: mc.duncsweb.com / mc.blockshed.com


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It turns out we've gone all nostalgic in Discord, so we've opened a Minecraft Server for you all to play on.

A lot of things will look familiar, and we've thrown in some new stuff for good measure.

Big wave to those of you who have been redirected from BlockShed, a great server with a great community. DuncsWeb was its predecessor so we hope to give you a similar look and feel here. If you didn't know, DuncsWeb ran from 2011 to 2014, and BlockShed ran from 2014 to 2017.

The server is a work-in-progress, we'll continue to update it as time goes on.


We're running on 1.12.2 currently (remind me to update this when we update!).

Things we have currently on there:

  • Essentials - such as /spawn, /list, /sethome, /back on death
  • Economy with /money
  • Towns - Town cost 500g - 4x Town Block Claim capability for those who want to go solo
  • mcMMO - Power Level shown above your head
  • Slimefun - Yes, Slime Boots!
  • Chest Locking
  • Chest Shops
  • Money from killing mobs
  • Trading Cards
  • Pets
  • Discord Chat Link - Head to #minecraft
  • Discord Rank Sync
  • Random Teleport Portal at Spawn
  • Storing of XP in bottles, which can be shared.
  • More to come

Feel free to provide feedback, suggestions and bug reports here (though note not everything will be implemented).

Big thanks to @Jordan for providing the hosting, we'll be keeping this long term.

We're not expecting this to be massive or anything, just something we can mess around on when we have a spare moment. Most of us don't have a lot of time now so progress is likely to be slow.

You'll find most of us on Discord if you need any help, just @ us.

The server will be open indefinitely.
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