DuncsWeb ARK Server - DuncsARK


TL;DR: IP is or download the attachment to connect instantly via steam.

For those unaware, we have a Server for ARK: Survival Evolved. ARK is a survival game with material gathering and crafting is involved, but dinosaurs are thrown into the mix. What's more is that you can tame those dinosaurs and ride them or have them protect you. We have a huge open world ready to explore with lots of deadly creatures to fight.


Unique features of our server include:

Party tracking of pets
Higher number of stacked items
Quality of life tools, such as a gun to remove items
Upgrade Crafting Station
Dinosaur Tombstones, with revival of your dinos (trust us, you'll need this)
Automated ARK
Castles, Keeps and Forts
Inventory kept on death
Dino colorizer
Resource Pumps
If you've not seen the game before, you can get it on steam here:

Currently the server is limited to 10 Slots, but is online 24/7 and continues to be updates as both game and mod updates come out. Enjoy!


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