DRM on... Print Cartridges? HP Third Party Lockdown


HP thinks you shouldn't use Third Party Cartridges in your printer anymore. Previously, it would show a warning if you used the cheaper alternative, but that's not enough anymore, HP is going to prevent the use completely by adding DRM to it's cartridges, wired reports. This will apply to:
  • OfficeJet
  • OfficeJet Pro
  • OfficeJet Pro X

HP says “The purpose of this update is to protect HP’s innovations and intellectual property” which of course means that they want you sending your hard earned dollars over to them rather than a cheaper cartridge seller.

They issued a firmware out to the enterprise printers that cause the non-standard cartridges to function, so folks, if you have a printer from this range, don't update your firmware if you want to continue saving some dollar, or use the pile of cartridges you've already stored away.

Should companies be allowed to remove long-standing features after a length of time to protect themselves?
Would you buy a printer that could potentially down the line have features that disappear?
Do you use third party cartridges?
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