Do you like what I've done with Firefox (on Vista) Want the same?

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Hey everyone. I've just made my irefox look amazing in Windows Vista, and it should work in Windows 7 and Windows Xp (No transprecney for Windows XP)

If that's not enough to convince you here is a screen shot I made using the Windows Snipping tool.

If you want to do this your self a full tutorial can be found here.

The link contains all the add-on's and themes you need to complete it. If the menubar disapears press the "ALT" key to toggle it on or off.

Here is a screen shot.

It's a really good theme I think you all should at least try out.  I for one love the theme it's nice to look at. If you are using Windows 7 it will be even more spectacular. There is also support for firefox 3.6 as well.

All add-on's can be found by clicking the link.

(P.S Sorry I didn't know where to post this)
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Nice illage2 i like this welldone!